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Lena ♥ you. 
06:53pm 26/11/2005
mood: awake

Hi I'm Lena. Yeah I'm 13 and I go to GTMS. Maybe I know some of you so add me <3

myspace = www.myspace.com/i_wanna_cookie

♥. WOO!

Sub Daddys 
07:47pm 10/05/2004
  if you have yet to go to Sub Daddy's in Risely Square, I dont know what you are waiting for. They make one hell of a wrap. The people are friendly the prices are reasonable, I look forward to many summer meals there.

Sub Daddy's is located in Risely Square, next to Tacos from Paco.

Incase any of you care they are hiring.

Go now.
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New here 
06:06pm 09/05/2004
mood: content
Hey, jus found this off of someones journal. Im Brian, graduated from Gami in 2000. Im over at Stockton, just got initiated into Kappa Sigma. Im a computer science major, teach kids how to drive and yea, thats bout it for intros since i suck at em. send me an IM on aol if u wanna chat, SnareCrazd

03:07pm 15/12/2003
mood: bored
Even though I have an idea of who everyone is in this community its about time we do some introductions.

My name is Brandon
IM 20
I go to school at Rowan University,
I graduated from Absegami in 2002
I've lived in galloway for a little over 14 years
I started this community to see just how many people I knew had ljs, alot do, just not many of them joined the community
My favorite places in Galloway have got to be Lindy hopps in the summer, and COstellos year round.

Now it is your turn

Invite your friends to join.
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12:29pm 03/10/2003
  A few weeks back my parents told me Mr Carr "stepped down" as principal at Gami, anyone have anymore info on it?  
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Hey wow! 
01:18am 25/09/2003
mood: bored
Okay...so I don't know anyone in here personally...but I've definately heard of most of you at least. I just joined livejournal recently (after a very sucky xanga life) and decided to be a dork and get into it....had to represent my galloway...lived my whole life there on the avenues...
So yeah...my name's Ashlei...HI
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07:31pm 25/08/2003
  This girl, laurendestroys owes me $26usd for buying my stuff. It has been nearly two months and I still haven't received payment- I'm supposed to receive within 14 days. And now she's ran off.

Any idea of where her new journal is? Or her dad's middle name?
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Nothing all that important, but.... 
02:48pm 28/06/2003
  Lindy Hopps is finally open for the season!!  
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blah anything 
10:52am 11/06/2003
mood: anxious
is there anything exciting to do in Galloway over this weekend? anything! someone hang out with me!
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Riddle me this? 
02:36am 08/06/2003
mood: cranky
Okay how long do you think it should take a police car to be dispatched to my home if I live on 10th ave and the police station is in the area of Jimmy Leeds and 8th avenue? 5 or 6 minutes?

Try more like 65, thats right I called at 1:05 this morning and at about 2:10 they pull in front of our driveway.

The officer who took our information was very nice. Not like we expect anyone to actually get caught for doing the damage, but come on any hope of actually catching anyone had long disappeared after it taking them over an hour to get to our house.

Maybe it was some what my own fault because we called the police instead of 911, because we didn't feel that this was a true emergency, seeing as no one was hurt or still on our property.

Like I said the cop was really nice, but his dispatcher can suck the big one, because they didn't put in a call for anyone until 1:50, 45 minutes after I called. Even after they called it in they told the officer the wrong address and he went down another block.

I'm now going to be up the rest of the night because i am so disgusted that someone would have the nerve to come onto our property and do that.
01:28am 16/05/2003
  Hopefully it was only that packed because it was the opening day, but man alive the new Super G was packed today. The enitire Parking lot was full from the stores opening around 6 AM to around 8 PM My parents and i discussed ouur opinions of this new place a dinner. We all think that it was poorly planned and my father and I both feel bad for the owner of Lindy hopps and hope for her sake that they dont lose to much bussiness because of the lack of parking.

So who else thinks this place was poorly planned?
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Hey all you lucky people 
06:02pm 09/05/2003
  Im coming home tomorrow. Summer is here(at least for college kids it is)  
Just wondering 
12:20am 29/04/2003
  What is everyones opinion of the strip mall shopping centers being built around Galloway Township?

Personally, I hope they leave some trees or at least a picture of one, so in the future when my children visit their grandparents I can show them what one looked like.
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Lunch tomorrow 
11:01pm 17/04/2003
  Does anyone want to join me for Lunch at Best Food in Town tomorrow afternoon around 1:30 - 2:00? This is the new chinese food buffet place across from the police station on Jimmy Leeds road.

Comment if you are interested.
12:40pm 12/04/2003
  Anyone know of any current job openings in and around Galloway?

Thanks in advance.
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Top of the mornin to ya. 
08:31pm 09/04/2003
mood: mellow
Allow me to introduce,myself. Karly Pinto, Absegami graduate. And resident of Galloway Twp. Much love.
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03:20pm 09/04/2003
  what up...

figured i'd do the whole intro thing

name - Mike
location - stockton (galloway twp counts!)
age - 21

I really live in sicklerville btw, but its definitely cool down here :)
06:55pm 08/04/2003
mood: bored
Sweet. A galloway community.
So I know one of the kids in this comm. I graduated with, one of them is John, Hi john, and I've had to have seen the other two somewhere before?
I can't wait to move back to NJ. I'm pretty sure I'll be living in Galloway. Society Hill baby.
Yeah so by the way I'm Stephanie Williams but I doubt that means you've heard of me.
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Here's a little story set inour little part of NJ 
05:15pm 07/04/2003
  Holy Shit, something cool coming out of Galloway Township.
Read more...Collapse )

Anyone ever been to the leeds house or any of the other weird NJ sites in our town.
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Let's get this mother started 
04:46pm 07/04/2003
  OKay, i was bored so I decided to make a community for the part of Nj that I have called home for almost 14 years now.

I'll introduce myself.
- graduated from Absegami last year.
-I moved to the clubs in 1989, lived there for four years.
- In 1993, we moved to our current home.
- I am currently attending Rowan University, but I come home to visit at least once a month.

Enjoy the community, I hope to make it "perty" when I get some free time.